Need a special gift for a loved one? Is it your pet's birthday? Get a pet and owner portraiture in this fantastical style! Imagine little you snuggling ontop or inbetween hair, feathers, fur, and more! How amazing would it be to be wrapped in the warmth of your pet--secured and safe!


If you have more than one pet or one owner you would like in the drawing, I highly suggest opting for the 9 by 9 option. If you would like a different size than what is available, please contact me via the contact form online. Thank you!


If purchase date is less than a month and a half before you need the physical goods, then I will automatically cancel and refund your order. 


U.S. only and no frame included.

Giant Pet & Tiny Owner

  • All commissions are for personal use and not for profit. The distribution of files and/or images of the commission for profit is NOT ALLOWED.