Who is Diane Jiyeon Cho? 

Hi! My name is Diane Jiyeon Cho.
Thank you for taking your time to read about my brand, Eggie Jee. I am a Los Angeles based artist with a BFA in animation from California College of the Arts.
2020 has been a tough year of unemployment and freelance work. I decided to make a leap and open my own online storefront, and it has been one of my dreams to create affordable work for my friends and family. Thus, Eggie Jee was born. I am investing in myself through this brand and hope you will stick around to see it grow throughout the years to come. 

Why Eggie Jee? 

"Eggie" is a mix of "egg" and "aeggie," which is Korean for, "baby."
"Jee" is a nickname for my Korean name, "Jiyeon."